About My Brand

I believe

Spirit + Knowledge & Experience = A Thriving Life


I was on the massage table when the OWL flew into my head.  Well, not literally of course, but I was noodling on my intentions to bring 3 of my loves together:

  • Oracle - Spiritual

    •  In ancient Greece, the Oracle was a message from a Divine Source coming through a priestess at a shrine or temple.  Today, Oracle Cards are a beautiful way for the Divine or Higher Power to speak to us for the highest good.

  • Wisdom​

    • The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding and insight to apply to situations in one's life.​

  • Living​

    • ​I love to help people to thrive, flourish, prosper and be fulfilled.

    • Our daily life can happen along a continuum:

    barely surviving​ ------------------just ok------------------------good ------------------thriving


As my brand, these encompass both the mission and my values in bringing spirit-directed wisdom to enable people to thrive.

Paula Curtis-Burn

Certified Oracle Guide

200 Country Club Drive

Oak Island, NC 28465



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